The benefits you will experience in my classes provide lasting transformation. All classes include all the movements of the spine, various yoga postures Vinyasa’s, Prana, and life force energy relaxation techniques to relieve stress and tension. Other benefits include increased flexibility and the union of body, mind and spirit.

Gentle Class

Offers a restorative guided style of yoga with careful attention given to help avoid injury while providing maximum health benefits. Gentle stretching, slow Vinyasa’s, meditation, and healing breathing practices are incorporated. This class is suitable for students looking for a slow, peaceful, and relaxing experience.

Beginner Class

In these classes we focus on gentle movements of the spine, the neurological system using a variety of Vinyasa’s or flow, healing breathing practices, meditations, and Prana Vayu’s. Modifications are offered to ensure all students needs are met. This class is suitable for beginner students as well as experienced students.

Intermediate Class

The intermediate classes are a more advanced form of yoga including more challenging options, and a large variety of advanced Vinyasa’s, which will elevate your heart rate leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Prana Vayu’s, healing breathing practices, and meditation are also included. This class is designed for students who have a basic understanding of Hatha yoga postures.

Taoist Yoga

Taoist Yoga is a combination of qi Gong and Taoist yoga. It is based on Chinese philosophy as opposed to Hatha yoga, which is based on Indian philosophy. Taoist yoga combines Yin Yang and Taoist posture flow. It’s a wonderful form of energy work based on standing and sitting still. Suitable for all students.

Ayurveda Yoga

Ayurveda yoga is yoga postures and yoga vinyasa’s I provide that work best for your constitution. It’s an Ayurvedic approach to your asana practice.


Acu-yoga is a combination of acupressure techniques and yoga exercises. Acupressure and yoga are ancient healing practices and the combination of the two is known to heal the body more effectively.